About Me

About Me

Anthony Davis – always delivering 120%

Practical design and marketing experience

Anthony has worked with thousands of companies and charities over the years and has the real-world experience to communicate your message to the world, whether in print or online.


Design is not just about creating clever, innovative experiences, it is also about having the skills and knowledge to identify with the target audience and devise solutions that appeal to that market to achieve your message goals.

Anthony has a proven design background backed by an extensive portfolio if clients and artwork.


Marketing should be holistic, reflecting every part of a business. Every interaction, every advert, every piece of stationery adds up to create the story of a company and its goals.

Anthony has worked with many businesses and charities to develop their marketing from overall long-term strategy to targeted campaigns.


As well as working for large Corporates Anthony has spent the majority of his career working freelance for companies both large and small.


Anthony started his career working in road construction. Hi experience in technical design and CAD led to Anthony helping sign shops in Florida with their more complicated design work and in using the new large scale inkjet printers.

Travel & Tourism

When Anthony left the construction industry he worked as the Senior Graphic Designer for the largest travel chain in the UK and then Group Marketing Manager for a smaller chain. His experience of the retail travel industry is backed by extensive travelling around the world.

Writing Experience

From editing construction websites to writing articles for travel magazines, Anthony can create written works to convey your message.

International Experience

Growing up travelling the world and building roads around the world has taken Anthony all over Africa, Asia, Latin America and USA.

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